Gelsheimer to State Honor Choir

On January 22, 2020 Scarlett Gelsheimer (5th Grade) is participating in the Elementary All-State Choir at the Margaritaville Resort in Osage Beach, Missouri. In order to participate in the All-State Choir you must submit an audition recording of you singing. A committee then decides whether you make it or not. She had to have confidence in herself to submit this recording with a chance of failure, but she did not let fear stop her and ended up making the cut! 

We managed to get a short interview with her before she leaves for this exciting trip. When asked how often she practiced her singing, Scarlett replied “about 3 times a week”. Even at such a young age Scarlett is sure about her passion to sing and says that she sings every day. Scarlett does still have some jitters but we know she will deliver an excellent performance. 

Scarlett's music director is Mrs. Billie Jo Hardy.