Stem Seniors

Results from Crowder College Engineering Day

On February 20, 2019, 11 schools with more than 150 high school students came together to compete at Neosho Crowder College first Engineering Day.

Throughout the day, students could participate in many STEM related competitions, as well as many hands-on building and intellectual scenarios. Students had the opportunity to participate in the following: build a duct tape structure, build a ping pong ball launcher, build a tennis ball catapult, design a mousetrap car, and many more fun and exciting activities.

WHS students won the following:

  • Coy Harper placed first in the mousetrap car

“The mousetrap propels the car by unravelling a string from the axel causing the wheels to spin propelling the car forward.”

  • Harley Andersen, Payton Harper, Yeng Yang, and Skyler McGarrah placed second in constructing a tennis ball catapult

“We used a ballista design mixed with a crossbow using a pvc pipe as the track and a fiberglass rod as the tension bar. We then used an exercise band as the string, giving us the power to shoot a target 30 feet away.”

  • Kaiser Chang, James Booth, and Ricky Miller placed third in constructing a ping pong ball launcher

“We didn’t do much shooting practice, giving us inaccurate methods and shots. We used a different shooting method, allowing us to score 30 points, landing us third place.”

  • Brittany King, Tasha Graves, and Zoie Simpson placed third in the duct tape structure

“ We decided to use a square base, then when we got a good support going, to turn the sticky part of the duct tape outside, that way if it con-caved on itself, we could easily fix it and add support. Our final height was 32 and ¾ inches, giving us a third place victory.”